Jogging survival

We still can run. At least, in most cities. We stopped so many things due to the virus that jogging has become something really special. A survival tool.

Being locked-down is hard psychologically speaking. Even if we live in a large place, we can’t stay all day long at home, especially when the sun is out. So we run, we run, like Forrest Gump. Jogging is our last day-to-day escape.

With our headphones, and our favorite podcast on, we feel strong, confident.

As a consequence, jogging has become more and more valuable to us. It’s obviously something else that just a physical exercise, even if we also do jogging to stay healthy. There’s more.

In our modern world, the concrete experience of jogging can be extraordinary. With our headphones, and our favorite podcast on, we feel strong, confident, and we’re able to forget about everything. It’s not the same as playing tennis, or just watching a show on TV. Because it combines a physical effort and, frequently, entertainment through our ears, the experience is literally unique.

Even with a horrible mask stuck on your face, jogging can still be a super relaxing experience, and also rewarding. As a matter of fact, we always feel happy when we go back home, because we have achieved something. Not a difficult thing, but still, it fuels us, like coffee, or sex.

In our troubled times, jogging is no less than a survival weapon.

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