Reboot your life with Pucki Metzger

Life can be hard. Who didn’t experience bad feelings -to say the least- during the pandemic? We regularly need to think about how to improve ourselves, right? That’s what powerful writer Pucki Metzger is offering. Something necessary.

We had the opportunity to interview Pucki a few days ago. A pretty inspiring moment we’d like to share with our readers. Only for Connan Press.

Connan Press: Hi Pucki. You wrote several self-help books and we noticed you were particularly interested in the quest for happiness. What does this goal truly mean to you? 

Pucki Metzger: Thank you for this question. Happiness is indeed something that is very close to my heart, something that I wish for everyone because: life is bliss! Happiness is the key to it. I strongly believe that we are here to enjoy this gift of life.

Sometimes and for some nearly all the time, life seems to be a struggle or hardship. Just as they think things can’t get any worse, something comes up that gets them down even more. I guess we all have had some occasion like this in our lifetime. And it is OK because we learn from it, we grow and lots of new wishes and desires are born from it.

Happiness, like many other things, is different for everyone. It is not something that one can really compare to someone else. For some the bank account defines their happiness, while for others it is the amount of dogs or cats they have that bring to them that deep inner joy. For others, having a roof over the head or some food already is happiness to them.

I love that we are all so unique and special, and yet we all have this inner urge, this flame burning inside us wanting to reach more or do something that provokes a deep feeling of contentment, satisfaction and hope, knowing or even longing to reach something greater, that in fact really can not be described by words as that state just is breathtaking. Reaching a state of mind that lets us glow and want to hug each one and the world is incredible. Just wanting to shout out how amazing everything is.

Unfortunately, in times like these, we are so stuck in work overload, nearly no time left for the things we love. We cope, but barely survive on what we earn and encounter a lot of people that are rude or give us even more pressure. Bills pile up and families get torn apart and then on top came Corona which effected many in a lot of different ways. It is like a big grey cloud has covered the sun and is slowly taking away the air to breathe.

I know this might seem a bit dramatic but when we observe the surrounding people there are many in grief, anger or frustration, and some even hopeless.

I have been in those loops before as well, and I know how difficult it can be to get out of the fog and into the sun and see the clear skies, but the space is open to go out into the big wide world or remain in the old safe paths.

It is a choice we get to make, and we are responsible for our life and therewith have to live with the decisions we make. It is our choice if we decide to strive for what we want and create happiness, joy, fun and satisfaction or if we settle for less.

This might sound a bit harsh, but there is always a way. Small steps that everyone can take to get there, and that is how these books came about. Wanting to share my thoughts and stories of my life, hoping others can get some inspiration, to figure out what they want and find what their bliss is. What makes them happy and integrate joy so that they can master every day, so far, that they can say every day: “Today was an amazing day!”.

If every person could find more happiness and joy and excitement about life and spread love, then we could get closer to world peace. That what we focus on can be reached, but this goes in both ways.

When we focus on suffering, we will more likely be suffering, if we focus on the hurt, the hurting remains and might even get stronger, but if we focus on love, love will expand and if we hold our attention on being happy and having fun, then this will grow to happiness and bliss.

If we look at the others you will see those that shine all the time, and they walk through life without a care, everything that comes to them, they just solve it with ease, and it seems they consist of just pure luck, and they surely are the sign that it is possible. It is not something we make up.

There are many rich people who came from nothing and grew their empire out of that. There are many people who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and survived it, or others had a small idea that then became light in a form of a bulb.

It all starts with a tiny thought and then goes from there. Sure, one could say, but they are special people, and there might be a thousand of excuses why we can not do this or that… but then one can not expect that with that limiting mindset, we can achieve greatness.

Everyone has their potential and uniqueness in them and when we click or tap into that, we can shift mountains, as a very knowledgeable man once said,” Imagination is more important than knowledge!”. If we can imagine being happy, then we can be.

C.P.: One of your books is called “roller coasters and bliss”, and you also describe your own life as some sort of roller coaster. Why?

P.M.: I love roller coasters, don’t you? In the end no matter if it is the real deal, a huge structure that throws you in loopholes around and around, up or down, left and right or upside down or life itself. The bumpier the ride, the more bliss and butterflies there are. The more we are shaken, the more we see our accomplishment afterwards.

Even if someone is scared and takes the courage to go for a ride, will have grown in many ways. Besides all the other positive aspects that roller coasters behold, as well as the rides of life, stepping outside our comfort zone can free us from bondage.

One can say, up until now I have had a couple of bumpy rides. Maybe a lot more than just a couple, but I am grateful for each one of them. They really made me to this person that I am today and I got quite fond of the woman I have become, although there is still a lot of room for improvement, adventure and excitement and so much more to explore.

Growing up, we moved around allot after we lost our true home, which was a place where the heart is bound to the land and its beauty, and where one was rooted. It really tore my dads heart the most, as he was one with it for most part of his life, just like my grandparents were too. I was 10 years old at that time and since then we never kind of really settled anywhere. My dad became a fisherman, which kept him going. After a few bumps here and there, he changed his profession to whatever he could get or be.

For me, he was an extraordinary man. Filled with new ideas, wanting to build something for us to finally have a new home. That brought us to live in some strange places where he would work or try to build up his newest vision. What I admired and that taught me allot is, that every time his ideas did not work out, he kept on going and seeking for new ones.

He loved living, even though I know it was a hard life, and for both of my parents a real struggle to get 4 kids trough school and also teach them about life at the same time, the best they could. He always told me, that I should live this life fully, have fun and enjoy every moment. Making the best out of it. At the same time, he told me that I am also responsible for my life and everything that I do. No one else. If I don’t do my homework and then receive bad notes, then I have to live with that choice and those consequences, I can not blame it on others. But he was always there to help if I needed it. For that advice I am forever grateful as that is a really important message to get.

In that time there were a lot of rides that were deeply overwhelming, from loosing loved ones, like my grandparents, which also were my guardians when I was just a baby. Or being there as a witness to where one bullet ended the life of a young woman in the blink of an eye. Seeing her last heartbeat, her last breath fading out into nothingness really had an impact on me and my awareness. Those early rides where you are taught about life and death trough witnessing both, when one is only 18 years old.

Then you get those other rides in life, where illnesses catch on to you, and you barely know how to survive and no one can help you, since no one cares enough to really check closely at the state of my being. And then being lucky, that just in the nick of time you find the right person, at the right time to save this precious life of mine, extremely weak, with only 26 years reached and maybe only hours away from becoming extinct.

These rides made me strong. They showed me over and over again what is possible and how magnificent this body and life is. How can I not believe in the impossible when surviving things like these.

My very first life roller coaster ride was when I was just a baby. Putting everything in my mouth, exploring I guess until I found something in the sand that, well, was not really meant to be chewed on, called Syringa berries. The next hospital was a 2-hour drive and no one knew what I ate, so it was a bit of a disaster, looking a numb little body spitting foam like stuff everywhere.

Then the helpless doctors called up a doctor from South Africa and discussed my symptoms with him, while my body was already very weak close to lifelessness. Then he thought of the beautiful lilac trees which seeds are poisonous to smaller animals and kids. So they somehow got my system up and running and in the morning when my parents were allowed back into the room, scared to death that it was too late, they found a “happy chappy” baby sitting there with a big grin on its face, a bit smelly and stinky from the muddle night but very much lively.

So yeah, I never missed out and really had my share of roller coaster rides in life and on the big majestically coasters too. Although I miss my parents that already have parted from this life to where ever they are now, but I can just say over and over again, that life is bliss and anything is possible.

They are in my heart, as close as ever, and they live with every memory. Love will always keep us together and since love is energy and energy is everything that is, and is connected to everything, life becomes love and therewith is bliss where the circle comes together once more.

We all, at the moment we are born to receive this gift of life and with it the key to unlock all the doors till we reach our last door. No one knows when we open that last door with our key, some try it and reach it others try to reach it but just aren’t meant to go yet and some go way too soon while others become the oldest person with reaching 118 years counting. We should not waste any time and wait till one day maybe we will be happy. No, we should be happy now and stay in that feeling till we go and leave with a grin on our face with no regrets cause surely, life was awesome, wonderful, breathtaking, deliberate, interesting, adventurous and total complete everlasting bliss.

C.P.: Reading is a particular experience, very different from watching TV or listening to music, for instance. But what about writing? Can you describe your writing process? 

P.M.: This is a very interesting question. Honestly, I have never imagined myself writing books. It was something spontaneous. My granddad had written some books which he published. Some bushmen tales and a book on finding water in Namibia.

My dad also wrote 2 books, but they have unfortunately not been published. I wanted to finish and publish them, but I never thought I would be able to capture his writing to tell his story. Then December 2019 I was under the shower, and then I got this idea in my head.

I can’t even say what or how or why, but then I sat down and opened a blank page on my laptop and just started to type. I had no idea what to write, and I have never been the one to organize or plan as everything always turns out different with every plan and when I organize eventually I end up doing it all differently anyway, so I stopped trying and just let things turn out as they will. Eventually always just right even when it surely does not appear that way.

It was the same with the book. I sat down and just let it flow to me as the words show up on the screen as I type them and nearly never thinking what it will be or say. Because I was so stuck to the screen without a break and I wanted to get a better overview, so I started setting the timer for one hour and noted the word count for the hours. 3 days later in total around 15 hours I was done by writing my name down.

I could not believe it and I thought I was crazy. That it was just a lucky strike. Nothing more. I unfortunately could not find a proofreader and wanted to start my own business early 2020, so I left in the folder. After getting everything sorted for my startup to begin, there corona was giving me a fat kick into the orbit. Not knowing what next suddenly shortly after a friend of mine told me about how he had just finished his first book and published it on Amazon.

He told me about how to find all I need and how to get going with my book. So with no other plan in sight I got cover and proofreading done, layout and then formatting. As I was finished, I just couldn’t do it. I had this feeling something was not right or not complete, so once more I left it.

Then a few days later once more in the shower it struck me and then just like before I sat down, same procedure as the first, and it basically wrote itself. I connected, was completely detached and at ease and the words just hit the keyboard without me even thinking them.

Now I really have no idea how writers are supposed to write nor how others do it, if they organize or just like me let the words bubble up without thought. But I believe that there is no right or wrong and that we are all unique, that we should each find our own way in doing things and not so much copy what others do. We can let others inspire us, but then just trust in our ability to trust in what we are and do.

I am sure not every one will get me nor my books. Some might even have a negative response, and that is exactly what life is about. In our uniqueness we will reach those that are ready or in the right place to receive the message while others are maybe on another level. And sometimes negative response gets our motors going to improvise or to make progress or be open for other possibilities.

Every co-creation is special and has to do with us, so we can just be open to it and not feel offended by it. I write what the heart or souls delivers, hoping the words might inspire others and help them on their quest in life.

A few months back I met a new friend, that at that time was stuck in a chaotic rollercoaster ride, already thought to have lost his wife and their very long marriage. We had a lot of talks, and he started reading “Roller coasters & Bliss” when he knew he just could not give up on love. For him, my books were inspiring and life changing. He reunited with his love, and they came out of this ride stronger and happier than they have been in a very long time. That is how I know when someone is open to change and ready to do it, there is always a way.

For me, writing has become a journey and blessing, as when I connect to that stream, where words just flow and flow and flow and I feel deep satisfaction and contentment. The emotions connected to it are remarkable.

As I write, sometimes I smile even before I know why, or I even laugh before knowing what it is all about and then when I get to read it I know how come. It is like a magic wand simply fun, exploring, and I know now that writing is my gift that I want to continue as long as possible. I know there are still lots of books up there to download into reality.

C.P.: Many people try to split life into two parts: professional life and private/personal life, which can sound very artificial. What’s your point about this approach?

P.M.: Thank you for this interesting and not so easy question. From a more spiritual view I have learned that life is about the balance between mind, body and soul. In their perfect blending to become one or whole.

For me, I feel that I am one. I could be subdivided into two boxes or more categories, but I consider myself as one. A whole and not as a cake divided into different pieces by which others can then compare me with theirs. I am me, myself and I. My best friend and biggest love, as I live with myself through everything till I leave my body behind. My nature of being does not change whether I am at work or at home, and I do not believe that it has to.

I simply am who I am, and I do love who and what I am. Everyone has the right to their opinion, so they can think of me what they want to. I will remain being me. So I think there is no need to make things more complicated. But that’s just my view. What I try focusing on are the two parts of our state of being.

Am I in sink with myself or not? That, to me, is the most important part to distinguish. Being one with who I am equals happiness. But I get why people are working with different strategies, categorizing or subdividing them according to characteristics, like in your question according to private or professional parts. I believe everyone needs to do what they need to do to feel good.

The different parts in life might assist in problem-solving or give an overview of the standing in life. Surely we can look at those parts that we are normally divided into, so we can compare them with others to get a better understanding or better result.

These categories can be: social, finances, spirituality, family, romance, health and others. I believe they can be helpful in some cases. Especially if one wants to start making changes and has no idea where to start. Then we could use them to see in which parts of life we are doing well and in which not so much, and then we can adjust accordingly. So I would not call it artificial, rather see them as a helpful tool or guide. It really depends on what their aim is with this splitting. I guess there are different reasons why some do it. But in the end, everyone needs to find their own way for their best results in life.

C.P.: Self-help books and stories have been crucial for certain people during the pandemic. How do you understand that movement?

P.M.: Even before the pandemic, there was a movement starting that people became more aware about themselves, their life and what really is important. They seemed stuck in their ways, in their job, relationship or other areas of their life and as we are in some way taught the same things over years, like getting a job, earning enough to reach the main goal of building a family with kids, house and a dog or maybe a cat or both.

Generation after generation, people seek that way of life. Which is good. But times have been changing, and the pressure rose enormously with making it more difficult to reach those goals. People became frustrated with the 9-5 jobs for low income. Compared to those before who accepted it as part of the whole.

The new urge, for many, to make a change grew as much as the frustration about the stuckness. The word “happiness” became a great part in this craving for change. Suddenly everyone wanted it. It was not enough to just create a family, but the happiness within and with it became in many ways an important part. Living a life fully and if possible deliberate. Self-help books became more popular than ever. This is just my feeling and observation.

Then the pandemic came. A blessing and a curse. For the first time, the whole world was affected with the same problem. It maybe was not self induces like wars, (well I guess we will never really know the truth) but every country had the same concerns just like every person was confronted with the same possible disease. But also with the same chances.

There was an open door for the whole world to unite in ways never thought possible before to cure the same illness, clear all history and create a better tomorrow. Also, it opened a new way of thinking, working and using ideas for change.

All of a sudden, millions crafted a mask with the craziest of ideas and methods. Millions of YouTube videos came, showing you how to make a mask or disinfect hands without touching anything. Like a foot stand where you press down your foot and then the disinfection solution shoots into your hands. Brilliant. Simple, easy and useful. New business ideas burst out of the ground like mushrooms in a forest.

It is very inspiring to observe how it had some good aspects too. But back to your question. I believe for many people, the biggest fear in life is death. All this time it had never really been as present as these days. Even though we in some cases get confronted with it when someone in the family or friends passes, but it was not on a daily basis that one came in contact with.

As we are mostly lost in our day-to-day life, it was never really relevant. We knew it exists, but we put it off into the far distance, locking this fear up inside. But then came Corona, and it was all of a sudden in the face. A reality that can not be put off nor be denied, even though many try to deny it because that seems easier.

For the older generations, I can imagine that it must be horrifying for them. Many of them have been in some kind of war or lived in that time after the war, hoping they will never have to go through that hardship and pain ever again. Fear of loosing loved ones and fear of losing ones own life.

Now it was all present again. All those many years of suppressing everything and leaving it behind to live a better life, now overwhelm them again. Many of them being all alone. And those that had family were suddenly alone too. But not just the elderly. The younger ones too.

From one moment to the next, we were cut off and locked down to ourselves. When was the last time you spent all by yourself and enjoying it, too? We never have the time or use the time to enjoy it by being with ourselves. We have lost that connection mostly as we are always in some contact with others or have other distractions. This is so much easier than to get to know who we really are.

With Corona, it now meant we had to learn the most natural thing completely new. Surely not everyone, but many. Many have lost their connection to whom they really are. This chance I guess has brought them to realize that there is more to life and Self and connection, but also wanting to find out what life is really about.

Many questions have grown from this little creature, that took over the world wanting to survive just like we do. It gave us a chance to wake up and smell and value the roses again. See how important loved ones are and friends since we lost all touch with them. And even when we went back to normality, touch became a rare sense. One simple touch could be a threat to someone else or our own life. So far as to loosing life itself.

No hugging, no kissing, no shaking hands and always reminded to keep the distance. Constantly from everywhere one is now confronted with these new rules and regulations. Feeling caged in and torn from our freedom. Watching how our rights are taken, which for many is all they have had and believe in.

What many have worked so hard for, like to use their holiday to go travelling overseas, suddenly was cancelled, taken away from them. Their only way to escape now meant, to stay at home. In many countries, one was not allowed to leave the house unless there was a valid reason or one had some kind of permit. While in others parts, one could still move around freely, keeping to oneself and sticking to the overall rules.

It can be overwhelming considering all these things, but all the others too. Constantly being reminded about how many are dying, how many became sick, always getting news feeds and seldom do they present something positive. Social media bursts the phones into a constant reminder of our fate.

Self-help books got many people through these tough times, especially those desperate to find a way, to not feel so numb and hopeless. Seeking happiness, freedom, fun and maybe again more togetherness with others. A way to cope with all that has happened in the last year. Filling that loneliness and void, hoping to learn how to make it whole again. Connecting to self and finding again that access to what we really are.

Others seek out new opportunities as they have lost their work or became retrenched, downsized or have work overload as others were let go, and they have to compensate the loss of those colleges and overtake their work too.

For me, I don’t believe I would have written three books and have published them if the pandemic had not existed. Knowing how it is to lose perspective and to shift into something new, was a great experience for me, as well as to keep fear out of my life and knowing all is well, as I am amongst the risk group, because of my lungs.

My gratitude goes very deep for all that I have learned and taken from this experience, even though my heart aches for all of those that have passed or have suffered because of it. Hoping that we can find a way to get trough this without loosing any more lives.

I truly hope that everyone can learn and find their way to stay positive and not give up hope and find their happiness and bliss even in these hard times. I wish for everyone to follow their heart and that they all find what they seek. My love goes out to all of you. Stay safe and don’t give up. I will not, as I know, we can make it through somehow even if it takes some time and courage.

C.P.: Many authors and thinkers have religious or political influence within their works. Is that your case? Do you think it’s necessary?

P.M.: Religion, spirituality or politics for me are like choosing between apples, pears or strawberries. They are all different, yet they seemingly remain fruits. And yet at the same time some, as the strawberry, which from the name “berry” imply, that it is a berry, which is not the case, and in fact they even say, strawberries are “false fruits” leaving it difficult to distinguish and categorize.

The same goes for my books, which are not based according to them. Although one can say that some are from a more spiritual perspective, but religion and politics itself, as in your question, have never really been a big part of my life. So there is not much to say for me.

In school, when we had religion as a subject, I made deals with my table neighbour. As I was a slow writer always having trouble to write down what the teacher put on the board, I guess my vision back then was not the best, so I missed half of what he wrote. I loved to draw, and my neighbour didn’t, so he wrote the texts and I did the drawings. We both were happy and got to do what we were good at. Helping each other even when it was not the point of the exercise.

It left me only knowing enough to draw the picture, but not enough to understand it. But it had never really had negatively affected me in my life. I went to church a few times as I stayed in a hostel, and they made us go occasionally. But that was it.

Politics is something I prefer leaving up to the politicians, as I sure hope they know what they are doing. The more I try to figure them out, the more confusion exists. Also, that what reaches us through the media is so partial that I find it hard to reach the truth and real understanding of it, and there are always more sides to one story.

I see my time as valuable that I choose to spend it on things that help me grow and expand in other ways, as well as to assist others, so I prefer to leave religion and politics to those great minds that can truly grasp what it means.

We all have our strengths, and everyone can decide for themselves what they need or believe. I would never judge anyone for their beliefs nor what party they choose, as I follow my heart and what feels right to me. Considering everything from what I have gathered in my life and my experiences, as everyone else does too.

For instance, I believe we have a soul, others don’t and that is fine too. Just because it is my truth does not mean it has to be anyone else’s truth, and therefore, I hope, everyone can respect the truth of other people, just as much as their own truth, as they do not want to be judged by it either.

As we view religion and politics in point of values, then they can help. They are important and if more would honour the basic values of life, maybe we could all live together in more peace and harmony. Values like, do not harm anyone or anything, respect all living things! Or maybe if people would not lie so much, and stop judging and criticizing others as much, and rather focus on our own behaviour towards ourselves and others, as well as being more understanding and open, then change could happen more easily.

Then misunderstandings could be resolved earlier, faster or would not even exist. So there are many aspects from life also in my books, but more in general and not so much from a religious or political view, rather just based on the moral of life itself. We all have our strong suits and I prefer writing from my heart and that what comes easily to me. Sometimes less is more.

C.P.: How would you sum up the perfect path to more happiness? What’s your special method?

P.M.: I would guess to everyone this will be different because no one is alike, and to everyone this would be something else. My perfect path would be riding rollercoasters all day every day, as many rides on as many kinds as possible, the crazier, the better. I just love the excitement, the tummy flies, the fun and the laughing. – Just kidding, but I truly love them.

The main aspect of my path is to accept my perfect imperfections, to care about how I feel, to appreciate all that I have and all that I am. I am not sure if there is a path towards it, I rather see it as a choice to be or not to be it.

The crazy things that happen are often those that really make life interesting and fun. It is not about the perfection, more about following the guidance from within and see where it takes you and enjoying the ride.

There might not be just one right way but millions of ways, and we choose which one we take, enjoying the path towards it, just as much as the destination. And if it gets bumpy, it is our choice how we choose to react and go about it.

Seeing problems more like puzzles and focussing more on solutions than on the problem will bring answers easier, and it makes problems get lesser. A problem only becomes a problem as we decide for it to be one.

My special method I would say is… “ I just am!” I choose to be happy and appreciate life and all that it offers me. I know life is meant to be fun, so I make it fun and let it in which ever way it comes. We can’t control life, so I let it go, and that way there is less room for frustration, anger or disappointment and leaves me this big space for all the good stuff to flow in.

It kind of just does once I stop wanting to control or do something a certain way, or how I planned it, which did not get me where I wanted to be, so once I let go, then it just flows to me in ways unimaginable. It amazes me every time how easy it is, even though I know this and have experienced it so many times. But I am just a human and a work in progress, and that is what makes everything so much fun. We are always on an adventure, and we get to decide what we take along on it and what we make of it.

C.P.: What’s your daily routine to feel/be better all day long?

P.M.: I am a bit of a chaotic woman, and I have tried over and over again, getting myself to stick to routines and all of that stuff. But I have never really succeeded at that and instead found out, that for me, going with the flow and my gut feeling what is right for me at this moment, brings me to where I want to be, and it’s way easier too.

Which might not be working for everyone else, but being the unique and special individuals, that we are, why should we all follow the same order? Why go against our nature, just because others tell us that it is the right thing to do, or the best way for it to be done.

For instance, last year I have discovered for me, meditation just before sleep, works like magic. It allows me to get into this state of being where I drift of into the depths of time and space. It is so profound for me, and because I work best in the later hours till nighttime, I can afterwards sleep excellent.

Then, as I get to the waking state the next morning, which is so smooth that I revel in it for a few minutes, welcoming the new day and being grateful that I have the opportunity to make it my best one yet. In this hypnotic state of mind I imagine all the good things that this day brings and if there are any concerning things, like important appointments, meetings or other issues, then I imagine how these are solved in the best and easiest way.

Thinking how everything always works out amazingly and easily for me, and that anything is possible. Then this crazy jiggly feeling comes over me that I just feel this overjoys in my whole body looking so forward and knowing this day is going to be really awesome. After that I am looking forward to a shower and a yummy cup of coffee, and by the time I am fully awake I have this big grin on my face.

As being human it does not work every day, but my rate is pretty good and because I do have some practice in it, it’s not that much of a deal if I don’t get to do it in the mornings or if I am too tired to meditate at all. I still get to feel good most of the time and I remain in this state of awareness and in my good feeling place consistently, which helps me in cases if a glitch comes up.

That way, I am not to panic easily and remain calm most of the time. The solutions reach me quicker, and I get to go back to my happy place faster. But like I said, I am not perfect and that is a good thing. If something goes bad, I naturally wish for improvement, and so I send out a bigger variety of solutions, to get back to me of things that I want.

And if I am lucky, like I am reaching most of the time, I will receive what I want even if it might take a bit longer, but at least I am enjoying the time till it gets here. That is what life is all about. It is not about what we have, but to enjoy all that we have and be open to let in what is still missing. After all, everything that we wish for, is just what we believe we need to feel better. But actually feeling great is the key to getting what we want.

So I choose to be happy and to have fun with everything while looking forward to all that is on its way to me. Yet, I am just an ordinary woman living my life and that is just how I do it. We are all very different, so the joy is in figuring out what makes us tick and how everyone can stay in their special place most of the time, having fun along the way, as we figure out, what the right way for ourselves is.

So go out there, have fun, live your life fully no matter what happens, and look for the answers and solutions, don’t let the problems hold you back. I believe in you, that you can be happy and live a fulfilled life, whatever that means to you. Enjoy the ride!!

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