Are you ready for the metaverse?

After Facebook changed its name to Meta, the planet is slowly entering some kind of new parallel digital world. Is the metaverse real?

Some of us may remember playing Second Life in the early 2000s, a video game that allowed players to create an avatar for themselves and have some sort of alternative life in a virtual world. This was already what we call today a metaverse, back in 2003.

But today, things are going forward, and a lot faster. We now use social networks everyday, as well as dating apps and many different kinds of digital platforms that allow us to work, communicate, book a hotel room, order a book, see a doctor, or buy food online. In that sense, the metaverse is already part of our everyday lives. It is, as a matter of fact, absolutely real.

Then the blockchain technology developed and brought new distribution models to the public: with crypto-art sold as NFTs, people are now able to create, buy or sell digital collectibles like artworks directly online, without any intermediary (except the platform itself).

A whole new version, of should we say vision of the web is coming, which is web 3.0 (or Web3) where users could operate on totally decentralized platforms. For now, those are called OpenSea, Nifty Gateway or Decentraland for instance (where people can buy digital-only real estate). Tomorrow, Web3 could invade the entire universe.

Are you scared or ready for it?

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