The young artists to watch in 2023

Emerging contemporary artists may not be the most well-known ones -yet. That’s why collectors should care.

At Connan Press, we love up & coming trends. Good news: great things are happening on the contemporary art scene. We selected four underrated artists that are bringing something fresh to the table. Take a look.

© Tom Connan
  1. Tiemar Tegene

Tiemar Tegene is a contemporary Ethiopian artist. She’s the founding member of Expansive Corridor, a platform for discursive engagement with contemporary art practices, led by 7 prominent artists in Ethiopia.

© Tiemar Tegene

2. Tymon de Laat 

Tymon de Laat works in the city of Rotterdam in The Netherlands. De Laat started painting murals and canvases, often based on his own photographs of the people he met during his travels.

© Tymon de Laat

3. Tom Connan

Tom Connan is a digital artist and photographer from France. His work is heavily influenced by LGBT topics, also known as Queer Art.

© Tom Connan

4. Eric Odartey

Eric Odartey is a talented painter from Ghana, representing expressions of Black identity. He’s also known under the name “lines being”.

© Eric Odartey

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