We miss bodies

Being locked-down is not easy, and something really important is missing at home -other than flour, pasta and rice. Sex. We miss sex.

OK, maybe some of us were single before the lockdown, but Tinder and Grindr could give us some one-night-affairs, which could be quite enjoyable. Now it’s over, unless you want to get caught by the police.

But we don’t only miss sex, if we think about it. We miss a lot more than that: bodies. We miss touching, caressing, kissing and everything.

For many of us, the fact that we miss sex and bodies generally speaking came as a surprise. Because we’re online all the time. We can chat, we can have a conversation, we can see each other live with modern apps, so what’s the matter, really?

We just realized how important physical contact was.

Basically, we just realized how important physical contact was. It may seem obvious, but the last decade was so obsessed about new technologies, social media and smartphones that we thought we could, in some way, delete the body. And forget it. Delete the concrete human, to keep only a representation of it. It was a crazy idea.

Now we know it’s not true. Bodies are there, waiting for love, action and unlimited inventions.

At the moment, that’s probably the best news of all.

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